Turbolader Original Kkk Borgwarner 058145703j 53039700025 Vw Audi Seat Skoda 1.8

   Turbolader Original KKK BorgWarner 058145703J 53039700025 VW Audi Seat Skoda 1.8. Turbolader Original KKK BorgWarner 058145703J für Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW mit 1.8 Turbo. 1 Jahr Gewährleistung ohne KM Begrenzung. Leichte Kratzer und/oder Lagerungsspuren können vorhanden sein. 058 145 703J 058 145 703 J 058145703JV 058145703JX 058145703K 058145703KV 058145703KX 058145703N 058145703NV 058145703NX 058145703Q 058145703QV 058145703QX 53039700025 53039700029 53039880025 53039880029. Der Artikel wird nur im Austausch verkauft, daher erheben wir zusätzlich ein Altteilpfand in Höhe von. ...

Borgwarner S400 Turbo Upgraded Kit 360 Thrust Bearing Step Gap Seals Severe Duty

   New Severe Duty 360 Degrees Thrust Bearing System Rebuild Kit for BorgWarner S400 / S410T Turbochargers. Now with improved severe duty 6 pads 360 thrust system and step gap oil seal ring set for superior sealing. This Kit fits any S400 or S410T turbos. The advantage of a 360 degrees thrust bearing is that it has a full circle of lubrication. Made of alloy steel and redesigned 6 pad contact system that will improve resistance to thrust failure by as much as 50% when compared to standard 270 thrust systems. Upgraded step gap piston rings (seals). The key benefit of this design is to ...
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