Heavy Duty High Output 270 Amp Repair Upgrade Kit For Contour 3g Alternator

   Brand New HD HEAVY DUTY 270 AMP Upgrade Repair Kit For. Ford 3G Series Alternators (Large Case). Please Note: Alternator not included. Please provide your vehicle info during checkout for correct regulator. Brand New 270 AMP Stator , HD Rectifier Assembly , HD Voltage Regulator , Brush Holder , 1.8 6 groove Overdrive pulley. Rectifier Assembly With Avalanche Diodes. Heavy duty for EMV, Police Car, Specialty Hi-Amp Applications. 8-70A press-fit avalanche diodes, OE validated Crimp-weld diode terminations Heavy duty copper connections reduce high-amp heat generation Pre-tinned ...

Dq200 Oam 0am Dsg7 Heavy Duty Valve Body Repair Kit Accumulator Upgrade

   Repair KIT DSG 7.02 Hydraulic accumulator replacement kit, heavy duty repair. Will not need to do it again. DSG 7.02 repair kit allows you to perform the repair of the DSG 7 gearbox, eliminating the most common P17BF error, caused by cracks and / or plate cracks in the accumulator holding part. The wrench DSG7T2 should be ordered separately; The screws for fixing the adapter are already installed in the gearbox. Advantages : quick & easy to install; no extra effort needed before installation; for some types of transmission the repair is possible without taking out the plate itself;...
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