9-11 Heavy Duty Upgrade Turbo Compressor Turbine Wheel Repair Kit K04-022/023

   MAMBA 9-11 Heavy Duty Turbo Upgrade Wheel Repair Kit / BorgWarner K03 K04 K04-020/022/023 (9 Blade Turbine Wheel + 11 Blade Billet Compressor Wheel + Performance Repair Kit). Compressor wheel & turbine wheel balanced. CHRA (Complete core) is recommended to be balanced once you assemble them all. Upgrade forward BorgWarner K03 turbo to K04-020/022/023 spec. Fits & replace K04-020/022/023 turbo directly without modification. 9 blade turbine wheel spools faster and reduce back pressure than factory 12 blade turbine wheel. 11+0 GTX type of billet wheel supports more air flow than ...
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