Dodge Nv4500 4wd 5th Gear Lock Nut & Retainer Kit Upgraded 5th Gear Fix On 4x4

   5TH Gear Retainer & Updated Locknut. 4x4 Dodge Cummins Diesel New Venture NV4500. This Is the Original Patented Made In USA Piece, Not An Inferior Off Shore Copy. Solid, permanent method to prevent the factory lock-nut from backing off 5th gear and causing failure. WHAT DOES THIS KIT DO? The New Venture NV4500 transmission as it comes from the factory in Dodge Ram 4x4 trucks have been prone to 5th gear issues since it's release. The factory lock nut will back off of the shaft and allow the 5th gear assembly to float off the splines, causing failure. This kit includes both a new ...
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