Nad 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit

NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit

NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit
NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit

NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit

NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit

NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit

NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit
NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit

This is the complete DIY parts kit for YOU to upgrade, restore, and rebuild YOUR NAD 304, and in the process, take care of all the well-known defects. The kit includes approximately 80 parts (depending on your version) and full instructions. Only the highest quality 105°C components (temperature-rated for Power Supplies) are used from the following manufacturers: Vishay, Panasonic, Nichicon, Bourns, Schrack, and Wima. The circuit boards are very similar whether your's is the Green or the Blue version, (with negligible technical differences), so the work involved is essentially the same.

For example, the well-known factory defect causing channel-dropout, is completely taken care of! IMPORTANT: Not included in this sale, but available as an extra-cost optional upgrade, is the kit to upgrade ALL the original Carbon resistors in the Audio Signal Path with the Top-of-the-Line Vishay-Dale Metal Film resistors, which have a noise factor of -40dB.

Contact me, if you want the extra-cost resistor kit. Please see the full upgrade which is able to be done on your machine.
On my CondorAudio website homepage, see "Projects", NAD304 Pro-AudioPhile Upgrade. Before you place your order, please contact me to confirm which model you have, so that I can make up the EXACT kit for YOUR machine. This is a complicated job, requiring very good technical and soldering skills, and it is quite easy to destroy the PCB, with unprofessional or sloppy workmanship. NO MORE PCB's are available from NAD at all. I offer full restoration services in my lab, and this would be the wisest option for you, if you are NOT up to the skill level required, in order to tackle this job.

In addition, all repairs to NAD equipment are offered, even the most vintage equipment, which other service centers refuse to do. VERY IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY.

If you send me your PCB's for overhaul, then you understand that you are sending to me ONLY specific PCB's for overhaul, not the entire receiver. You are engaging me to conduct a PARTIAL and LIMITED overhaul only. THEREFORE, if after receiving and re-installing the overhauled PCB's, your receiver still does not function correctly, then at this point, obviously, there are other unknown problems on the other PCB's to be dealt with. So then, I would recommend taking it to a local technician who can see the entire technical picture in a fully assembled machine, and you may rest assured that your newly-overhauled power supply is producing completely stable power, and does not require any additional work on that particular part of the receiver. Over 9 out of every 10 PCB overhauls (in this manner) result in a fully-functioning machine again, but the remaining 1 out of the 10 is going to require additional work.

There is absolutely no way that I can forecast which your's will be, without having the COMPLETE receiver in my workshop. I do not promise or commit in any manner (which would be completely foolish anyway, as I do not have your complete receiver in my workshop), that your receiver will work perfectly after the overhaul. So, now that you have the complete picture, you can make an informed and conscious decision as to what you want to do. Please visit my CondorAudio website and browse through a small selection of the many technical projects I have completed for hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world, during my 20+ years in business.

I regard this as a fair alternative which ensures that my customers have excellent support now, and well into the future. In the picture, any bright spots are from the flash, and dark spots are shadows. Valuable Electronic Equipment EMS ExpressMail. This is fully insured and trackable. This is uninsured, but trackable.

You may specify an upgrade to EMS at extra cost. If you have an account with a worldwide shipper, feel free to specify them as your choice. Nobody likes to be fleeced. So it's real simple. The reason is real simple we make the proper effort, and don't cut corners. All electronic equipment is double-boxed, using the strongest materials possible.

First the equipment is packed in plastic, in its original carton, or a close substitute. Then that carton is packaged inside another double- or triple-walled carton, with at least 5cm airspace on all sides. That airspace is then filled with polystyrene, to prevent any shocks damaging the equipment. It is then sealed completely with strong packaging tape. Of course, this kind of quality packaging doesn't come for free, but we think we do a real good job of keeping your mind at peace, so you don't have to worry about damage-in-transit. Printed matter is first sealed in plastic wrap to prevent any moisture damage from a sea voyage. Then it is wrapped in a cushioned envelope, or carton, depending on size. We also accept direct bank transfer to our bank in Israel.

I have been in business for 24 years, providing only top-class products to discerning and picky customers who refuse to settle for second-best. My success, and your gain, is based on sourcing the very best products from relatively unknown, uncommon, and out-of-the-way places. The item "NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit" is in sale since Friday, April 14, 2017. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\TV, Video & Home Audio\Home Audio\Receivers & Amplifiers\Amplifiers & Preamps".

The seller is "myach" and is located in Jerusalem. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Number of Channels: 2
  • Audio Outputs: Banana Speaker Jacks
  • Model: 304
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Audio Inputs: Stereo L/R RCA
  • Type: Integrated Amplifier
  • Number of L/R RCA Inputs: 7
  • RMS Power: 35W x2
  • MPN: 304
  • Brand: NAD

NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit
NAD 304 Amplifier Repair Upgrade Parts Kit

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