Eibach Sportline Chassis Springs Bmw 3er Saloon E90 From Yr 1.2005- 955/1135 Kg

   Eibach Sportline Chassis Springs BMW 3er Saloon E90 from Yr 1.2005- 955/1135 KG. The description of this item has been automatically translated. Eibach Sports Line Performance suspension springs sport for. Eibach SportlinePerformance Springs Sport for. Axle load in kg front / rear: Max. Axle load in kg front / back: 955/1135. Lowering in mm front / rear approx. Lowering in mm front / back approx. Engine types: Motor Types: 323i / 325i / 328i / 330i / 316d / 318d / 320d. Certificate / ABE: Certificate / ABE: with general operating permit (ABE). Cardboard box in mm: Cardboard ...
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